AMANYARA is a luxury all-inclusive resort on Providenciales’ remote west coast that is part of the Aman family of resorts and residences. It is bounded on the ocean side by the Northwest Point Marine National Park and on the south by the Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve. The stunning Malcolm’s Road Beach fronts the resort’s northern side. Amanyara Turks and Caicos is one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive resorts, and it has hosted famous and celebrity guests from all over the world.

The layout and design of this accommodation are low-density, with secluded pavilions and villas interspersed with ponds and vegetation. The villas range in size from 3 to 6 bedrooms, and the pavilions are available in either a one-room or larger two-bedroom family configuration. The resort’s concierge service, which assists with activity planning and any guest requests, is one of the amenities.


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  • Tyler Wuerfel
    Tyler Wuerfel
    3 months ago

    Exceeded expectations, service was the best out of any resort I’ve ever been to. Food is incredible and the property is unreal. Will definitely check out other Aman resorts as well.

  • Katherine Lyons
    Katherine Lyons
    a week ago

    Sad to say that our experience left much to be desired. Amanyara was the 4th Aman resort I’ve stayed at, so I had high hopes for the same impeccable service. Unfortunately the service was rough from the get go starting with lunch when we arrived. Every meal was a struggle, either due to painfully slow/incompetent service or major issues with our meals/drinks. We typically had to repeatedly ask for things at all restaurants and at the beach. We were regularly ignored and had to actively flag people down to order, get beach chairs set up for us, etc. We made multiple requests through the front desk for hangers, a bandaid, and not a single request was completed. Disappointed is a huge understatement and we will never be back. The only good service we witnessed was provided to the NBA player who was staying there at the same time… everyone else was ignored. Don’t waste your money.

  • tom heine
    tom heine
    4 months ago

    If it were less expensive, I'd give it a 5 star review. But for the price, it was just OK. Pro's: beautiful location, not crowded, very spread out, nice facilities, pretty good food, sailboats were available to use. Cons: limited food options, its far from everything else on the island, there was trash on the ground along the pathways, no one picked it up in the week we were there (even though employees walked these same pathways), room needed some maintenance. All in all, its not a 5 star resort, but I'd have to think it was the nicest place on the island.

  • Justin Li
    Justin Li
    5 months ago

    Amanyara is an Instagram resort. It looks beautiful on paper and in photos, a perfect backdrop for all your social media needs. Upon closer inspection, it's beauty dissipates quickly – the floors are dusty and dirty, while appliances like hairdryers are filled with hair and debris. See photos for the "gift" we found in the hairdryer... The service is also spectacularly mediocre. While some specific individuals go beyond and are filled with charisma, a larger percentage will barely even bat an eye and refuse to smile back. They clearly don't want to be serving you. Food is meh. Hit or miss. WAY overpriced and often undercooked. For the price, it is NOT worth it at all. I would pay at most $800 per night, only for the beautiful architecture and location. Save your money and chose a resort in Asia where service is better and accommodations are clean.

  • Dontae Carlyle
    Dontae Carlyle
    2 months ago

    Amazing Resort. Opulent and upscale while off the beaten path.

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