Associated Medical Practices is a private full-service medical clinic located on Leeward Highway in central Providenciales. Full service family practice and pediatrics in Providenciales. Urgent and Emergency Services. CAT Scanner/XRay/Ultrasound. Dental and Chiropractic services. Fully stocked pharmacy onsite. Recompression Chamber Treatment for Sick Divers. There is a re-compression chamber on-site for diving emergencies. A dispensing pharmacy, optometrist, gynecologist, and dentist are nearby.



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  • Jeri Ruble
    Jeri Ruble
    a year ago

    Dr. Bourne was absolutely amazing! I had spent a day playing in the ocean while on vacation, not knowing that a cut on my face was being bombarded with bacteria. In less than 12 hours, the entire right side of my face was swollen with infection. We arrived 15 minutes before opening and were able to walk in, be seen, and walk out 30 minutes after opening. Dr. Bourne was comprehensive in his treatment so that my husband and I could enjoy the rest of our time on vacation. The pharmecy is right next door, so that was super convenient to grab my prescriptions, which surprisingly did not break my wallet! If you find yourself far away from home, with a medical dilemma, go see Dr. Bourne!

  • Vlad Khazin
    Vlad Khazin
    a year ago

    We have left contact lenses moving hotels and needed a replacement. Dr Julian Petrucci was quick to respond and helped replacing the contact lenses using a subscription from another Dr.

  • Kelley Grose
    Kelley Grose
    5 years ago

    I was visiting TCI on my honeymoon and had a bad allergic reaction to sunscreen. The urgency and professionalism of the staff was bar none. I was able to get in immediately and was cared for the same way I would have been in the US. Dr Barnett was wonderful. I highly recommend this medical center!

  • Peter Wiseman
    Peter Wiseman
    4 years ago

    I had a fever of 39 - 40 degrees Celsius (102.2-104 Fahrenheit) for 2 days. I went to Associated Medical Practices. The Staff were very nice, nurses great but when I told the Doctor of my fever he did not really examine me, just said it was viral and to go outside to the beach and let the fresh air cool me down. I got worried as I had not felt this ill before therefore cut my vacation short and flew back home the next day. I went straight to urgent care from the airport and was examined by a doctor, he ordered an x ray which showed pneumonia. I was put on antibiotics and felt much better the next day. A simple examination and prescription made a world of a difference. I was disappointed that this could not be offered to me by Associated Medical Practices in the Turks and Caicos.

  • Alena Wratislavova
    Alena Wratislavova
    2 years ago

    Dr. Menzies, you have caused us such distress due to your decision not to treat my partner who was suffering severe decompression sickness. I have seen the medical report and I am disgusted with you. My partner waited 30 hours to be airlifted when you could have helped him in 20 minutes. He suffered two strokes. You should be stripped of your licence to practice medicine.

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