Avis is one of the Turks and Caicos’ oldest car rental companies, with three locations on Providenciales. The majority of the Avis fleet is made up of Suzuki economy-class compact cars, sedans, and minivans. There are also a few scooters, Mini Moke beach buggies, and larger SUVs and 4x4s to choose from. Avis locations in downtown and at the airport serve as customer service centers as well as car pick-up and drop-off locations. Although guests can walk from the airport to the location, a complimentary shuttle service is provided. Avis also has a satellite branch in Grace Bay, which has a limited selection of vehicles, scooters, and Mini Moke open air cars. This location is close to Graceway Gourmet and some of the central Grace Bay resorts are within walking distance. When requested, Avis is usually willing to provide complimentary vehicle delivery to accommodations.

Avis’ Leeward Highway location also serves as their vehicle service center and is the location of Bayview Motors, an auto sales and service center.




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  • Clari Salcedo
    Clari Salcedo
    a month ago

    Read the fine print prior to renting, there’s a $500 deposit which is placed on the card, the full amount is charged when you return the vehicle (there were folks haggling this price when we got there) not sure the reps agreed to lower the amount. This is customary of rental companies. When you get the airport a shuttle will take you to the branch where you pick up the vehicle (~2 min away). This is also where you drop off the vehicle and will then be shuttled to the airport. Prior to renting check your credit card coverage to see if you’ll have full coverage on your rental. There’s wifi at their branch. Overall, I had a good experience.

  • Moubin Al-Malla
    Moubin Al-Malla
    8 months ago

    Beware of this scam by Avis employees. I brought back my rental car and it happened to have a minor scratch. They first said this will require a $500 deposit up front while they get a quote from their mechanic. After some negotiating the deposit became $300. Finally they graciously offered me a deal to pay $300 flat with no additional charges. It appears they run this scam on tourists such as myself knowing full well I have a plane to catch and don't have time for this back and forth. So I'm forced to either give them an open check up to $500 or pay $300 for a minor scratch. Pretty shameful business practice. I have never had this issue come up with any other car rental experience. I would not recommend renting a car through them.

  • Meredith
    7 months ago

    Little something we learned getting a rental car from AVIS in TCI: If you schedule pickup for your rental car for 1pm (like we did) and drop off at 3pm (dropped off at 2:30pm) it DOESN'T MATTER what your reservation says. They will charge you $60/hour for every hour after your original pick up time regardless of our original reservation and not warn you whatsoever. Slick move. So we were, according to them, "2 hours late" even though I showed them my receipts. Hope this helps someone else avoid the frustration. Predatory rental company per the usual. Rent local instead, definitely not from these folks.

    a week ago

    Returned on second trip because how wonderful the staff is. Best on the island.

  • Neil White
    Neil White
    2 months ago

    Rented a Payless vehicle. $33/day. Not a great car, but got us around inexpensively.

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