Babalua Beach

Babalua Beach also known as Blue Mountain Beach is located between Turtle Cove and Thompson Cove and is frequently overlooked by visitors. The ocean here isn’t as clear as it is in Grace Bay, The Bight, or Leeward, but the area is more secluded while still being easily accessible. Babalua Beach is about 3000 feet (900 meters) long, and it is impossible to walk along the coast to other beaches because it is bounded on one side by the channel into Turtle Cove Marina and on the other by sea cliffs.



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  • Amanda A
    Amanda A
    a month ago

    This beach was about 5 minutes walking distance from our Airbnb. The water was clear, there was no seaweed. We were the only ones on the beach pretty much. Very clean very nice

  • lighty tci
    lighty tci
    3 weeks ago

    nice secluded enclave to enjoy the beach. Not congested normally

  • Randy Vantastic
    Randy Vantastic
    a month ago

    Great place to hit the beach in Provo..also known as Smith's Reef ...a great place to see stingray, turtles, grouper and other fish.

  • David Betts
    David Betts
    a year ago

    Fantastic white sands ... worth a visit

  • Alucard
    in the last week

    This spot is a hidden gem I even saw a wild stingray swing by

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