The Somerset Resorts Barbetta House on the Beach pool bar and restaurant is the newest addition to Grace Bay. Serving specialty coffees, smoothies, pastries, and breakfast from 8 am to 10:30 am, as well as healthy options all day from 11 am to 6 pm.


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  • Leah Beda
    Leah Beda
    in the last week

    My husband and I dined here in a Friday night. We were one of 2 tables out of the whole restaurant. We loved the atmosphere, the live music and our server but the food was mediocre. My husband said his lamb was good but nothing memorable. I had the braised oxtails which was good but the rice on the side was not. I wouldn’t return because I didn’t find the food very good and think there are better option for fine dining on the island.

  • Pete L
    Pete L
    4 months ago

    My family had dinner here last night. We had a reservation at the Deck in Seven Stars, but wanted to try something else. First bad sign was there was only one other table in the whole restaurant. Ordered the paella and it was horrible. The worst I ever had. The rice was dried and the seafood was old and dried. Did not taste anything like a paella. Even my kids wouldn’t eat it. My wife ordered the lamb and the meat was bad and had to send it back. Restaurant only had two other tables the entire night. It probably do not have enough turn over and food is going old and bad. The restaurant is in the courtyard, so there is not much to look at! I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant; bad food, over price, no atmosphere. There are many other options.

  • Christine M
    Christine M
    4 months ago

    Blown away by the chef ! The ambience, the warm friendly staff, the live music, the menu options - everything was so perfect and when I took my first bite I knew we were in for something really special. My burrata salad was the best I ever had, the split pea soup was so tasty. My daughter and I had the seafood paella for 2 which could’ve easily fed four. The seafood paella was absolutely one of the best dinners we ever had, so packed with flavor ! Presentation and taste were outstanding. The desserts were also fantastic and the staff went out of their way to make our evening special. Hands down one of the very best restaurants on the island and definitely a talented amazing chef in their kitchen. Thank you all for a magical evening.

  • Marissa Tafuri
    Marissa Tafuri
    11 months ago

    Last night my husband and I went to Barbetta house to have dinner, we sat at the bar. We ordered drinks and an app. For dinner we got the paella for two all the way w fish and chorizo and chicken. When it came it was missing the chicken and chorizo. We were hungry so we ate it and when the bill came we were charged for all the way paella. We should have spoken up right away but we assumed it was an oversight, no big deal. We let the bartender know when he dropped the check. Then the manager came up and said “is there a problem?” At this point the bartender already charged us for it. We explained the situation and his response was the chef said that chorizo and chicken were in the paella. We explained it wasn’t. After we were called liars and put up a stink he decided to fix the credit card charge. I’ve attached a picture to show there was no chicken or chorizo in the paella. No one goes around lying about this. I will never go back and if u go check your check twice.

  • Peter Weaver
    Peter Weaver
    6 months ago

    The dinner beach party was a fantastic experience, highly recommended! The music and fire show was awesome. Give it a try!

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