Barefoot By The Sea At Beaches Resort

Beaches Resort

Barefoot by the Sea located at Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos, is an extraordinary restaurant that prepares a feast for the senses. Savor fresh, local seafood steps away from water’s edge. Feel the incredibly soft sand on your toes and take in spectacular panoramic views of the Caribbean sky and soothing sea as you dine with white-glove service at your beck and call. Seafood and Seabreeze featuring fresh seafood and island specialties right on the beach.


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  • Matthew Ross
    Matthew Ross
    3 months ago

    Maybe because I had to wait an hour to get in and almost another hour to get a salad or for like the 10th time, the staff could not remember a rather uncomplicated drink order (3 waters and a Sprite), but this was honestly not worth the time. The choices here took too long to get and the facility was rather unkempt with tables being stacked high with dishes and the cleared table being very sticky. Pass in this one.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Believe it or not one of the best meals you can have here is on the sand. Flavors were great and dinner from reception to dessert at 7pm was wrapped up by 815pm which for island time is a NY minute. Also they did amazing with a gluten free request for cheesecake.

  • Mark Wokasch
    Mark Wokasch
    8 months ago

    Very comfortable the service was ok and the food was good, best part of the all inclusive is you can order as much as you would like even if it's for the table to try.

  • Joan Heilbron
    Joan Heilbron
    3 weeks ago

    Lovely, relaxing, not enough lobster on the menus.

  • Stacy M
    Stacy M
    3 years ago

    We enjoyed the breakfast we ate there. My nine year old enjoyed the sand in her feet since it is on the beach. She enjoyed the croissants. I thought omelette was good but since I cannot have butter and there were no substitute it was dry

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