The Sibonné Beach Hotel’s Bay Bistro is a long-established and popular beachside restaurant on Grace Bay. The restaurant, which is led by chef Clive Whent, is popular for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Bay Bistro is one of the top seaside restaurants in terms of food quality and affordability, as well as a terrific location to unwind. The water is constantly bustling during the day, and it’s a terrific spot to see the sunset.



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  • Trevor Davenport
    Trevor Davenport
    3 weeks ago

    Dinner on the beach ($ + reservation) watching the sunset at Bay Bistro was pretty amazing. The food selection is good - there are seafood, beef and vegetarian options. Obviously, you have to be a bit more patient being farther from the kitchen/bar - takes a little longer for drinks and food to come out through the patio and sand 😎 Our family split 2 entrees and were quite full!

  • Brett Molitor
    Brett Molitor
    a month ago

    The setting is beautiful and you can eat directly on the beach, overlooking the ocean. That, in and of itself makes it a wonderful place to eat. However, comparatively, other places in the area also offer this. So the only way Bay Bistro could outperform them would be with food and service. Unfortunately, our experience didn’t reflect that. The service was excruciatingly slow. I could see many employees standing around while we waited long periods between ordering our food and receiving our food. It was pretty tasty but it wasn’t “out of this world” which would’ve made me forgive the 2 hour meal (we were with our kids so that makes 2 hour meals a bit too long). Thus, I give it three out of five stars. Thank you.

  • Ashley Ruger
    Ashley Ruger
    2 months ago

    We enjoyed our date night at Bay Bistro. Our server was not very warm and seemed to be rushing us. Our table was also behind a big bush so we did not have great visual access to the beach or sunset. For an extra $50, you can actually eat on the beach. I would likely do that during our next visit. Our grouper was delicious and we loved our key lime pie at the end!

  • M. S.
    M. S.
    a month ago

    Gorgeous location and setting right on the beach. The seafood dishes we tried were delicious, the chicken was a bit overdone. Service is unhurried and impersonal which seems to be typical for the area. Drinks were a great value and very strong.

  • C P
    C P
    2 months ago

    Great view and delicious food. Service was a bit slow (even for Provo) but it came with a smile. Thank you for having us to your great spot.

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