Big Al’s Island Grill

Grace Bay Road

Big Al’s Island Grill Restaurant in Salt Mills Plaza is one of the best places to enjoy burgers and other entrees are available in a delicious variety. With its checkerboard pattern and red accents, the decor of this 1950s diner will transport you back in time. The New Mexican Burger, Sicilian Burger, and Smashed Onion are just a few of the unusual burgers that Big Al’s serves. Waffle, krinkle, and shoestring cuts of fries are available.

Big Al’s serves a variety of meals besides hamburgers. Take advantage of their wraps, salads, and options for grilled chicken, fish, or steak. There are options that are vegetarian and gluten-free as well.



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  • Hesam Shabani
    Hesam Shabani
    8 months ago

    My points: * Food is way too expensive. At least for a $25 burger, you expect a delicious meal. What I got was a salty, high fat burger. Blue cheese dressing had barely any cheese flavor. * Seats and tables are not clean. Our table was sticky and really dirty. * Air conditioning was awful. I will be happy to change my review when I visit the island again, if things changed.

  • Rick Griffin
    Rick Griffin
    6 months ago

    Perfect lunch!! Jerk pizza with pineapple was excellent. Dough was fresh and nice thin crust. Added some Peppa Joy sauce, not a plug, just really like this stuff. Ordered nacho chips with salsa and was surprised to see fresh homemade salsa served. Sandia was our server and gave great recommendations. On our list for next trip to Grace Bay.

  • Denise Reese
    Denise Reese
    10 months ago

    Sorry but no. Big disappointment. The food is expensive. You see the amount of sweet potato fries in this photo? They were 6 dollars! After ordering my margarita and good, I got my drinks right away, but it felt like an eternity to get my food. I flagged down the waiter who was so busy even though there were no customers, and hand the manager yelled the cooks name and then my food came. It was cold. The manager just came by to check on my and I told her the food was cold. Their solution: food and heat it in a broiler that made my burger bun hard as heck and fries dry. Also, I noticed that my bbq cowboy burger had no onion rings and when I told her, she just said "no?". I visited the island alone and it seemed that it bothered them that I took up. Awhile table for just me, when I was the ONLY customer there. They say they take covid serious but one party had a guest that coughed up her lungs the entire time.. Cold food, slow service, bad service recovery, small portion sizes. Never again.

  • Stan B
    Stan B
    a year ago

    A neat little place close to hotels and shops with a big menu. A great stop if your visiting and taking a little break from the shopping and walking or while your wife keeps shopping grab another local brew.

  • Kelsey West
    Kelsey West
    2 months ago

    Great spot! The mango coleslaw is AMAZING; such a nice tropical twist on a classic side. The jerk chicken panini and cheese burger were also so good! Super friendly staff. We really enjoyed the experience and plan to return.

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