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  • Dr. Arthur Becker-Weidman

    Friendly staff good price. However, the car check engine light came on and when I called the emergency number and emailed no one got back to me. The rear driver window and radio did not work and brakes were weak

  • Frank Sibs
    Frank Sibs
    a year ago

    Great experience! I'm not sure why everybody else was complaining. You're flying to an island. Set your Bar low and by the insurance so you don't have to worry and have a great time. We got in and out of the rental place very easy. There were no surprises. Again you're on an island so just take whatever car they have and enjoy yourself.

  • J B
    J B
    3 months ago

    Quick and easy shuttle pick up at the airport to the offsite location where you get the car. Quick and friendly service. Same great service when we dropped off the car and got a quick shuttle back to the airport.

  • Katherine Babiarz
    Katherine Babiarz
    9 months ago

    I don’t expect a current year BMW on a Caribbean island, but I do expect a car that doesn’t break down multiple times. Our compact Chevy something had a passenger window that didn’t open, so we had to blast the weak AC constantly. It had some kind of electrical issue because we needed a boost twice (and no, we didn’t leave the lights on). The transmission was jammed in park a few times and took brute strength and crossed fingers to shift it into reverse. Worst car rental experience ever. Go to Scooter Bob’s instead.

  • Jerry Etienne
    Jerry Etienne
    10 months ago

    Wow where do I begin with this location…… don’t waste your time the staff is the worst the manager showed no sign of care. The utmost worst experience I’ve ever had with a rental car agency. And if you are a person of color good Luck. You’ll be left for dead. My vehicle had no a/c failed to start like 4 times. Save your self the headache and go somewhere else.

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