Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl

is a popular island cuisine restaurant located on Five Cays Beach’s turquoise waters. The restaurant serves a variety of local, Caribbean, and seafood dishes and frequently hosts live music and entertainment in the evenings. Their rum punch is a well-known favorite drink, and they’ve evolved into a tourist attraction, with live entertainment at times. Bugaloo’s is one of the few restaurants on Providenciales that has tables on the beach and in the water. Bugaloo’s main selling point is the atmosphere, with outdoor dining under coconut trees overlooking the sea.

Bugaloo’s serves lunch and dinner only (no breakfast) and has a popular wine and rum bar. Their menu is heavily influenced by Turks and Caicos and Caribbean cuisines, with many conch dishes and local fish like red snapper on the menu. There’s cracked conch, conch salad, conch fritters, fried, grilled, blackened, and steamed fish, and classic sides like peas and rice, coleslaw, and baked mac and cheese. Their signature dessert is rum cake made with locally blended Bambarra Rum. Other types of seafood, such as shrimp and lobster, are also available. Bugaloo’s was founded in 1994 and was originally located on Blue Hills Beach before moving to Five Cays. Stanley Roots, a local musician and Reggae artist, frequently performs at Bugaloo’s, usually during the day.


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    3 months ago

    Takes a little effort to get here. Apparently it rained pretty good in this area just before we got here. Be careful with the 25-20 strays in the road. Kind of amazing to hear them howling though, fitting for days before Halloween. I'm sure if it didn't rain it would have looked even better. We sat inside instead since outside was still quite wet. Tried a new amber beer which was alright. Wanted clam chowder but didn't have any so moved on to conch dumplings, without sauces don't think they would have much flavor. My wife ordered the local lobster. Visually appealing, she thought it had a fishy flavor, I thought it was a spice and wasn't bad and not fishy. It was a whole lobster and filling I tried the grilled conch with peas and rice. I did not know what to expect but it was good, nice flavor. I liked mixing it with the rice and so seemed like I had conch fried rice. I have two day I'm sure amazed at the cost of alcohol here 😱. We did not order dessert. There was an unexpected 15% service charge added to the bill. Being the second night here jury is our on recommendation of returning.

  • Joannah Jones
    Joannah Jones
    7 months ago

    Great food, beautiful natural setting, friendly and prompt service and nice island music. We had a memorable time here after a day at Sapodilla beach. We sat on the sand at a table built around a tree. So cozy and the view of the ocean not too far away was amazing. Was almost tempted to sit at one of the table that were placed in the water. Food was fresh and delicious and our entire group agreed. One of our best meals here in Turks & Caicos.

  • J Lynn
    J Lynn
    6 months ago

    You cannot go wrong at Bugaloos. Food is fresh, especially the Conch & whole fish. The Fried Fish sandwich was seasoned WELL & was light but filling! You MUST get the Conch salad! There are other delicious Conch dishes but the FRESH (they're kept alive in a water tank) Conch salad is their signature & staple! It could use a little more acid & seasoning but we LOVE spice & flavor. The mild seasoning did allow the Conch to just BE! The wings are POPPIN! Everything else are nice sides. Service is top notch, casual, efficient & personal! Drinks are strong & the entire vibe is easy but stellar! It is in a desolate & sandy area (& is right across the street lot from Omar's) so have comfy shoes that are easy to clean. Keep a mini umbrella just in case a quick shower decides to visit, as most seating's outside. LOVE Bugaloos!

  • Shakeer Mokerrom (Hobo Travelin)

    Resturant is a little bit away from main road and city center, but is worth the drive. Portions are large for price. Everything was flavorful and seasoned well. We found the prices here to be a bit better(lower) to similar dishes at other restaurants. Loved the option to take a drink out and sit in the water. If you really wanted to you could enjoy your meal in the water. Staff was friendly and accommodating. Ample parking in dirt lot next to restaurant.

  • Tracey Shrouder
    Tracey Shrouder
    6 months ago

    What a fun experience! This is my 4th time here, but my 1st trip to Bugaloos. The jerk chicken is amazing and the view can't be beat. The beach here is really unique, and the tides go really far out, so you can walk on the sand way out. Great parking, and next door is Omar's Beach Hut and Five Kays Water sports.

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