Cheshire Hall Medical Centre

Hospital Rd

The Cheshire Hall Medical Centre on Providenciales is a 20-bed institution administered by the Canadian firm InterHealth Canada and approved by Accreditation Canada International. This structure, which was built in combination with the Cockburn Town Medical Centre in 2010, features operating rooms, CT and MRI scanners, dialysis facilities, maternity services, and other departments. Over thirty physicians work across the hospitals on Providenciales and Grand Turk, while foreign experts and consultants come on a regular basis.



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  • Brandon H
    Brandon H
    6 months ago

    My wife cut herself on a branch while exploring and left a big gash. After a couple hours of the bleeding not stopping we decided to go to the ER to see if it needed stitches. Luckily it did not require stitches after three doctors looked at. They cleaned it well and wrapped it up. The entire staff was friendly and we were in and out in 20 minutes! They didn't even ask her name and no payment was required. We were very nervous about going to a foreign hospital but it was better than any experience we had at a US hospital.

  • Dan Strigenz
    Dan Strigenz
    8 months ago

    While on vacation on Provo a member of my family had an unexpected health issue come up in the middle of the night, and we were taken by amublance to the ER here. All of the staff from the physician, to the nurses, to the receptionist were helpful and friendly. As a health care professional myself, I really appreciated the quality of the workup, good communication, and compassionate care. Thanks for taking care of us!

  • Peter
    a year ago

    Thank You! We were traveling from the US and our young son needed to have his appendix removed. We were obviously concerned and afraid he wouldn't receive the same level of care as back home in the States. We were clearly ignorant as ironically we may have had the best care we could have hoped for. Dr. M did an incredible job with the procedure and was such a kind man. Dr. R the anesthesiologist did an amazing job and provided a sense of calm for us nervous parents. Dr G in the Er was amazing. I feel bad not mentioning the nurses by name, I'm horrible with names, but they clearly play an even higher role than the US in the recovery, they run the show. The nurses were amazing. I am so grateful to the entire staff, even the security guards did everything to make this as positive as possible. I am writing this to both thank them and for future searchers who are concerned about the level of care. While I wish to never be back, I know we would be in good hands. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Horne
    Elizabeth Horne
    5 months ago

    My family member got very good care here for a serious illness.

  • Linda Kristiani
    Linda Kristiani
    2 years ago

    The radiologist reception is super rude and have no manner as she hang up on the call intentionally. We placed the letter from doctor with status of URGENT as I am in critical condition, though they haven’t updated me with the appointment for more than a week. Please train your staff a telephone manner or maybe you can change to other person that has passionate on that particular job!

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