Cheshire Hall Plantation tells the story of slavery in the Turks and Caicos—an often unspoken part of the island’s past. The plantation remains are quite hard to find, with an entrance hidden between the hospital and St. Monica’s Anglican Church. Once you’re there, take a 30-minute tour, which will tell you the story of the Stubbs, two American brothers who fought for the British in the Revolutionary War and built plantations in the Turks and Caicos. There’s still evidence of the cotton trees they planted, the original limestone walls, and some of the items that were discovered centuries later in 2001. The guides also discuss the role that slaves from the Turks and Caicos played in America and British history. Cheshire Hall Plantation is an important and worthy stop on any Turks trip


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  • Sherma Dennis
    Sherma Dennis
    2 months ago

    It was fantastic! An awesome experience to visit and be present where there are authentic ruins, rooms, gardens. It's not possible to duplicate the masonry of the stone walls, they stood the test of time for centuries!!

  • Shannan Yates
    Shannan Yates
    a year ago

    Dr Higgs was very knowledge about the site and I loved the extra tidbits about TCI. This site is absolutely beautiful. You really get an appreciation of how hard slaves had to work the land for it to be productive. I like especially that the story was told from the perspective of the slaves rather than the slave owners, there was no glamorisation of the story. I would recommend maybe wearing a hat as there is not much shade throughout the tour.

  • tito whitepatch
    tito whitepatch
    3 months ago

    Great to learn a bit of island's history! it's a secluded location, tour guide was helpful but should be more enthusiastic and provide more info. 👍👍

  • Kwame D. Oduro
    Kwame D. Oduro
    3 years ago

    Offers a little snippet into how things were back then. The plantation could have been better preserved/maintained to be honest. Take a closer look at the pictures to get more in depth information about how the plantation looks currently.

  • Kenneth Sadler
    Kenneth Sadler
    5 months ago

    As a black man this place upset my heart but as a student of history and not His Story it made me reflect on what my people before me had gone through. I felt strength, comfort and a since of pride come over me.

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