Cheshire Hall Plantation tells the story of slavery in the Turks and Caicos—an often unspoken part of the island’s past. The plantation remains are quite hard to find, with an entrance hidden between the hospital and St. Monica’s Anglican Church. Once you’re there, take a 30-minute tour, which will tell you the story of the Stubbs, two American brothers who fought for the British in the Revolutionary War and built plantations in the Turks and Caicos. There’s still evidence of the cotton trees they planted, the original limestone walls, and some of the items that were discovered centuries later in 2001. The guides also discuss the role that slaves from the Turks and Caicos played in America and British history. Cheshire Hall Plantation is an important and worthy stop on any Turks trip


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  • Ju iJ
    Ju iJ
    5 months ago

    It was good to learn a bit about the island. our Tour guide Angela was very friendly and answered our questions. She walked us through slowly and even at her young age was a fountain of knowledge and even remarked on pass visitors who gave her information about their heritage. The shop keeper that was on the premise was very nice as well. We even bought a few hand made items. I will visit again and hope to bring my little brother withe when I am on the island again.

  • garrett maitland
    garrett maitland
    2 months ago

    It was good walk back in time, seeing the remains of a slave plantation and learning the history of the country . The experience was great.

  • Kim Neathery
    Kim Neathery
    2 months ago

    Be sure to support Cheshire Hall Plantation! Support helps to teach their heritage!

    6 months ago

    Very historic and educational place.. A must visit when you come to the island

  • Dorothy Swann
    Dorothy Swann
    6 months ago

    Lovely.As a Turks Islander I still want to return.A lovely experience.

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