For those looking for a fun-filled tropical getaway, Club Med Turquoise is the ideal “adults only” destination. This newly renovated resort, blessed with a spectacular beach location, offers guests panoramic views of the talcum soft sands and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Guests can enjoy live music beats mixed with the gentle sound of the surf. They can detect the aromas of gourmet cuisine mingling with the salty air of the sea. Guests can enjoy the simple pleasure of bare feet in the sand no matter where they choose to walk. Guests will have a wide range of activities to choose from, including snorkeling and flying trapeze. It’s a winning combination that dazzles the mind, revitalizes the spirit, and inspires guests to rejoice in life.


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  • Melissa Lerner
    Melissa Lerner
    7 months ago

    This was my first time at a Club Med and I can say it won't be my last. I joked to my husband about it feeling like Summer Camp for adults. The food was great, activities were a plenty and John, the sport manager/MC, always provided a great laugh while making sure everyone was having a great time. always pit was so much fun. Even though I am not the best at aquatic activities I had a great time learning how to sail with "Pirate" Fred, who was very passionate about sailing. I wish we could have tried it out more but that was poor planning on my behalf. Maria Jose, the boat captain at snorkeling was so sweet and help me through my fears during the activity and on the way back helped us get some awesome photos of JoJo the Dolphin I have to say that my favorite activity had to be the trapeze. The entire circus team, Megan, Mike, Brie, Carol and Andre were blast and deserved a BIG shout out for their work. They were very encouraging and patient while learning tricks and so welcoming. They were a blast to hang out with at night after their amazing shows. Overall 5/5. Great food, people, and activities, what else could you ask for on vacation.

  • Tom Dracos
    Tom Dracos
    4 months ago

    Rooms are older but comfortable. We upgraded to ocean view and it was worth every penny. Staff was great, tons of stuff to do, and food was awesome! Every meal had several options and was very well cooked. Attached view from our balcony. Adult only made it a great getaway for a coach and principal!

  • Joyce Blackwell
    Joyce Blackwell
    6 months ago

    According to our transport driver, Club Med is one of the old resorts on the island so the amenities are not very modern or super luxurious BUT everything is clean, well serviced and beds comfortable. The G.O.'s and staff are excellent. The food is wonderful. The beach is beyond amazing. There are super fun activities and so many options that we never even left the resort! I highly recommend for anyone looking to have new experiences like snorkeling, scuba diving, dancing etc. while vacationing and not just laying around in a "fancy" room.

  • Glenda Westerberg
    Glenda Westerberg
    5 months ago

    The service was lacking the room was not what we expected for a resort. The beach and the water sports is the only reason I gave it a 3. The wait staff in the restaurant were so busy standing around talking it was difficult to get water. They were unfriendly and stayed by their stations as much as possible we saw a few exceptions but lunch and breakfast were the laziest. The security guard was on his cellphone constantly. When we arrived instead of the warm greeting we were left to take our own bags and pointed in the direction of our room. The water sports staff was a mixed bag snorkeling crew was great. Several of the sailing kayak people were great but others ignored us when we were coming in on the kayak just standing around talking. It is difficult with the waves to get out of the kayak and pull it up to the shore. Since they do not take reservations for the kayaks or sailboats we were left standing around waiting while others were slipped in ahead of us. The room was days inn quality the shower was a drip with hot and cold switching back and forth impossible to regulate. The bathroom desperately needs updating with plaster peeling away and black by the front door.

  • Grant Stahulak
    Grant Stahulak
    3 months ago

    This is a fantastic resort! The beach is top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world at Grace Bay. The food was delicious and they use good quality alcohol in their drinks. There are so many activities to do at the resort that you can never get bored and it is all included in your stay (except for scuba diving). There is also fun entertainment and dancing in the evening as well. My only complaint would be the A/C in the rooms is not great, but it is still cool enough where it is comfortable at night. Otherwise, I highly recommend Club Med to anyone!

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