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provides the best in sport fishing, whale watching, snorkel tours and island hopping that Grand Turk has to offer. Whether you’re joining us for a relaxing day cruising to uninhabited islands, or an action-packed sport fishing adventure, our crew is looking forward to having you aboard and sharing Grand Turk’s hidden treasures with you.



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  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson
    3 weeks ago

    April 2023: We booked a private charter with Deep Blue and they planned the perfect day for 8 of us! We were in port for just 7.5 hours and they worked around our visit wonderfully! We met at Jacks Shack, which was only a 10 minute walk from the port. We went deep sea fishing, where each of us was able to catch something (Barracuda, tuna and mackerel)! Some of us were able to see a whale (It was pretty far away, but still awesome considering the time of year!) Then we had a lovely lunch on the beach, provided by Katharine, on Gibbs Cay, where we were able to swim and visit with the sting rays! It was an amazing day, with a wonderful crew! Kell and Roger were very patient with us and allowed us to set the time frame for each portion of our trip. They provided water and soda and snacks. They also made sure to get us back to port in time, although it was hard not to just stay!!! It was a special day that will be remembered by all! Thank you to Katharine, Kell and Roger for an unforgettable experience!

  • Tanya Carlson
    Tanya Carlson
    3 months ago

    The best operator, so comfortable and professional. Katherine, marine biologist is fantastic. Kell is the keen eye captain. Most amazing whale trip. I live in Provo and often experience whales… this was fantastic!

  • Richard Riggs
    Richard Riggs
    2 months ago

    Three of us booked a whale watching/swim with the whales tour with Deep Blue Charters for March 3, 2023. Of course no one can guaranty that we will see or be able to swim with the whales, but we were thrilled to be able to have the chance. Unlike many charters, Katherine, the owner and tour guide, has been studying the behavior of calving humpback whales for several years. She is preparing to publish and is applying for a research grant to support her studies. She knows whales much better than any other operator and she knows how to approach them without disturbing them. The calving whales at Grand Turk cannot eat until they swim thousands of miles to the north. While near Grand Turk, they give birth and while starving they nurse their calves until they are big enough to swim the to arctic seas. When tour guides regularly chase a mother and calf those whales will not thrive; they will become overly exhausted and the mother and calf will be much more likely to be killed by Orca or other predators during their thousands of miles swim to the arctic seas. During our tour Katherine and the boat captain located at least two sets of whales and maneuvered the boat so they could turn it off and quietly drift in front of the natural path of a mother humpback whale with her approximately three week old calf. At the perfect time Katherine allowed us to quietly enter the water and swim after her less than 30 yards until the mother and calf swam towards us and then swam right by us (we were less than 30 feet away from the massive mother humpback and her much smaller calf). l can still see it in my mind. This is one of the most awe inspiring experiences of my life. As mentioned earlier, Katherine is studying the behavior of calving whales and videos them with each encounter. We expected that she would offer to sell us copies of her video of our whale encounter, but were delighted to learn that she would send us pass codes to her online sight where we could download the video of our whale encounter at no cost. If you love whales and hope to have a wonderful encounter with them without disturbing or weakening them, Deep Blue is the charter for you. Three years ago my daughter swam with the whales with another charter. She and those with her were invited to jump in the water and chase a mother humpback as long and hard as they could. She never got close at all, but they did their best to chase the whales for over twenty minutes (this was done after the cruise operator got the mother and calf tired by chasing them with their boat). If you want to have the chance to have a spectacular experience with calving humpback whales, check with Deep Blue Charters. Please don't pick a charter that literally chases these beautiful creatures to their death. Richard Riggs

  • Greg Jobson
    Greg Jobson
    3 months ago

    My first time doing a charter with Deep blue Charters and the experience and staff were absolutely amazing. We felt very safe and the staff were very professional and made us feel confident getting in the water to swim with the whales 🐋 We will be back next year for another amazing experience.

  • KK Hale
    KK Hale
    3 months ago

    I was so excited for my day of whale watching …did not disappoint!! Very professional crew … I might have trued a shade of green with the waves. It was so worth it and I’d do it again!!! Can’t wait for next year!!

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