This 13-mile award winning stretch of sand is the most popular beachfront real estate on the Turks and Caicos. The beach is part of a national park and open to the public, but it’s lined with several hotels, like the Gansevoort and the Seven Stars and various restaurants and bars. You could walk the whole length of the beach to get to the various restaurants and bars, but hotels typically restrict their beach loungers and cabanas to paying guests only. It’s not difficult to see why the beach is so beloved. The sand is baby-powder soft, and the water is warm and very shallow—adults can walk out quite far and still keep their heads above water.



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  • Queen Of the South
    Queen Of the South
    3 months ago

    Absolutely the best beach because of the pristine, serene water and soft sand. The water is a little bit cooler than Taylor Beach, yet it is perfect once you get it.

  • Ronald
    3 weeks ago

    Was voted best beach in the world this year. I can see why and would definitely agree. Been to a lot of beaches in the Caribbean and this one definitely takes the top spot. If only i could own a villa and live right on the beach.

  • Kamilia
    a month ago

    Literally one of my favorite beaches. I go to Grace Bay every year. It's calm, the sand is soft and the waves are gentle.

  • Angie B
    Angie B
    2 months ago

    My second time visiting this gorgeous beach. Not too crowded, just enough friendly people. Clean and beautifully maintained

  • Birow Mia
    Birow Mia
    7 months ago

    Was incredible visiting this beautiful beach. We went to TURKS and Caicos for work, for NETFLIX, ( our company is BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL USA ) and we fell in love with the place. the hotel was next to Grace Bay beach, the breakfast was amazing. We want to come back this year again but for pleasure and vacation.

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