Graceway Gourmet

Allegro Road,

Graceway Gourmet

Buy quality groceries and wine from Graceway Supermarkets, servicing the Turks and Caicos Islands with locations in Leeward Highway, Grace Bay Area & Downtown, Providenciales.



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  • Monica B
    Monica B
    6 months ago

    I got vicious food poisoning from the slice of coconut crème pie I bought at the deli. First bite I knew something was off - it was a taste that didn’t belong in pie. Took one more bite and threw it away. $5 literally down the drain. Was sick for eight hours. A lot of things were marked out of stock but actually had been restocked so that was nice. Unfortunately many of the “out of stock” stickers covered the prices of the items.

  • Daniel Kervel
    Daniel Kervel
    7 months ago

    Slightly more expensive than the IGA supermarket, but conveniently located near the hotel area. It can get a little busy adound lunchtime, because lots of locals get lunch here, the fresh orange juice is delicious and they have a friendly staff. They also have great sandwich options which they can make right in front of you. Also they have ample parking space.

  • Ashanti Garcia
    Ashanti Garcia
    3 months ago

    As a vegan, this is my favorite place to shop in Provo. It has EVERYTHING a vegan would want or need in terms of high quality and delicious protein sources, including tempeh, and vegan desserts like yogurt, ice cream and even cheesecake! Yes, you will pay high prices for these items but they are completely worth it. Kindly note that I did not find the local hummus tasty (though it was the cheapest option), nor their locally made guacamole. I literally couldn’t swallow after one taste. I live that they also have internet and some of their employees, like John, is super friendly and helpful.

  • Chris Van Hine
    Chris Van Hine
    3 months ago

    We were absolutely surprised at how amazing the prepared food was at Graceway Gourmet. Unfortunately we didn't try their daily specials and pizza until later in our stay, initially just got groceries. Thankfully we noticed the long line during lunch and wandered over to that section of the store. Got on line with the locals and experienced an assortment of truly delicious and inexpensive food. My wife loved the tiramisu. Their pizza menu didn't list Hawaiian but the ladies were exceptionally nice and made one up for us, so cheesy.

  • Nancy E
    Nancy E
    3 months ago

    This is great for what it is, the only true grocery store in a tourist area. I was grateful for the ability to buy food, but the prices are so high that there truly is very little difference between making your own food and eating out. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a $15 grapefruit. You read that right: 1 grapefruit… $15. Enough said.

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