KiteProvo Kiteboarding School

Long bay Beach

KiteProvo Kiteboarding School

is the first and longest running kiteboarding school in the Turks & Caicos, since 2006 and utilize blue tooth radio communication helmets in order to offer you just the right amount of instruction at the right time. WEATHER GUARANTEE 100% WITH ALL PRE-BOOKINGS!




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  • Nisha Khanna
    Nisha Khanna
    5 months ago

    Lovely morning with lots of wildlife, and a fantastic naturalist as guide and teacher! My daughters and I are fairly new to SUP, having only been once before, several years ago, with the same organization. The other participants cancelled at the last minute, and we had a private tour with Mark. He was absolutely the best we could possibly expect. Patient and calm, constantly keeping an eye on us to see that we felt safe, encouraging us to try and stand up where the water and wind were calm, etc. He is also very knowledgeable and caring about the marine ecosystem and sea-life. We saw lots of turtles, baby sharks, and various other creatures. We especially appreciated that he was focused on preserving the ecosystem, even at the expense of providing us with additional "thrills". He is also very honest about what he does and doesn't know. Thanks, Mark, for an exceptional experience.

  • Anna Fretz
    Anna Fretz
    a year ago

    I can’t say enough great things about Kite Provo and the wonderful people who work this. This was my first time visiting TCI and trying kiteboarding, and I’m absolutely hooked. I signed up for the 10 hour package and was up kiting by the end of it! I had Baptiste as my instructor for all lessons, and he was amazing!!! I’m a windsurfer coming into this and he quickly identified the skills I already had from this to help me and also VERY patiently supported me in unlearning bad windsurfing habits. Particularly as the lessons went on, he got the feel of my learning style, and was able to tailor how he taught me to be most effective. He provided frequent feedback to make sure I got the most out of the lessons, and was very encouraging when I would get frustrated. I also really appreciate that he found something to teach me no matter the conditions, and asked about where else I would be kiting in the world to teach me things that would be relevant to those places. He also taught me a lot about safety while kiting, which I really valued, especially as I became more independent towards the end of my trip. In addition to being an incredible instructor, he was also a really kind and super interesting person to talk to. I highly recommend Baptiste as an instructor. As for the rest of the Kite Provo team, they were all extremely friendly, professional and wonderful people to be around at the beach. They would help me with my gear, offer me tips, and were great hype people, even after I was done with taking lessons at Kite Provo. Their enthusiasm and passion for kiteboarding is contagious. It is also so fun and entertaining to watch all of the instructors kite during their breaks, they’re unbelievable and make it look so effortless. Well I didn’t have lessons with anyone else, they all seem like amazing instructors! Every single person I saw would come off the water with a smile at the end of their lesson :) Thanks everyone at Kite Provo for all you do! I’m already planning my next trip back for more kiting!

  • Lauren Morrell
    Lauren Morrell
    in the last week

    Excellent teachers, all of them! Great balance of fun and skill-building. Great to work with for rescheduling, etc. And Long Bay is a perfect place for this sport. A great experience overall!

  • Mike H
    Mike H
    3 years ago

    The only reason for a lack of five stars is the pricing. These guys are great! Be sure to request a helmet, if for nothing else, for the two-way radio with your instructor.. super helpful! I'm almost 60 and they were able to get me up in a 2 hour private session, which I would highly recommend. They have the perfect place to do it, great wind, shallow water, and sand with a smooth bottom.

  • Aimee Hager
    Aimee Hager
    2 years ago

    probably my favorite activity I did on the island. Gorgeous scenery, great information about the area and eco system in that area. Beautiful wildlife and friendly, knowledgeable tour guides. Chris and Maui were great guides. definitely recommend this. But try to book ahead, they can only do one tour a day, weather permitting. I ended up seeing 27 sea turtles, 2 lemon sharks ( one baby one older), 1 barracuda and a baby hawksbill turtle.

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