THE LA FAMILLE EXPRESS is a grounded shipwreck and popular landmark near the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos. It’s located about two miles (3.2km) off of Long Bay Beach on the southeast side of the island.

The La Famille Express is two miles offshore and is too far to wade or swim to. The ship is further out than it appears. The ship is a popular stop for charters that visit the south side of Providenciales, and most visitors arrive by boat cruise or jet ski. Kiteboarders who launch from Long Bay Beach’s unrivaled kite spot frequently make the journey out. Proficient kayakers and stand up paddle boarders may also venture out, but the trip will be difficult for inexperienced paddlers.

The La Famille Express (also known as the Long Bay Shipwreck) began in a much colder environment – the Soviet Union – in 1953. The ship began its career as an oil rig service ship, ferrying supplies to remote offshore oil wells. During its first lunch, the ship was christened the oрт-евенко, or Fort Shevchenko in English, after the Caspian Sea military port town.


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  • Bryant Boyd
    Bryant Boyd
    8 months ago

    Very unique and interesting place to visit. Bringing water shoes is a must. Make sure you have your tetanus shot prior to getting on board as well. It’s definitely a must see but you have to be very brave and a risk taker to actually climb on the boat. YouTube some of the videos prior to going to see what the inside looks like.

  • Thomas Novelli
    Thomas Novelli
    6 months ago

    What is not to like? A unique shipwreck site in a beautiful setting. If jumping off of the wreck, be careful as some areas are more shallow than others. Best place to jump is towards the port side of the hull.

  • P B
    P B
    10 months ago

    Worth visiting if you are risk adverse. Recommend wearing water shoes because there is too many exposed rusty nails and debris to cut your feet. Also, ensure you have decent upper body strength. The ladder from the water is old, broken and extremely rusty. You will need to pull yourself up the first three steps of the ladder from either a Jet Ski or boat. Also, if you jump from the top of the ship, be extremely careful with your form. The distance is significant enough to damage your lungs, face, hips and stomach depending on how you hit the water. If you’re not a professional jumper highly recommend jumping lower back or side of ship. You’ve been warned, also if you get hurt there is no one you can sue or claim liability. Travel at your own risk. Lastly, I think it’s haunted 👻, my Go Pro caught some weird sounds and glowing orbs when I visited the lower engine room.

  • Ronald
    4 months ago

    Jumping off a ship is what this experience is all about. The ship itself is abandoned and is now a major attraction in the islands. You can go there by jet ski or boat as part of an excursion and they will gladly let you off once near the ship. You can choose to jump off it or just explore. Of course jumping is what everyone wants to do. Just make sure you land feet first. Otherwise it can be a painful landing and you will have the bruise to show for it.

  • Ulyana Popova
    Ulyana Popova
    8 months ago

    My experience on the La Familla sunken ship was amazing!!! We took a 4 hour private boat to it and boy it was really fun for me well that’s because I’m the only one that went on it. Also make sure that you have water shoes lots of glass and debris. I had jumped off the wrecked ship make sure you take off or leave behind any valuables that you don’t want to lose before jumping. I had lost my turtle bracelet that I got from the fish fry that wasn’t even a day that I had it. I would love to come back to this historic location in the future hopefully with my other half.

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