Le Bouchon Du Village Sidewalk French bistro with the best French food on the island Located in the heart of grace bay and just few minutes from from your hotel or beach.



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  • Doris Qamar
    Doris Qamar
    2 months ago

    Let me start by saying the number of stars isn't a reflection of the quality of the food. The food was good, albeit a little salty, there was also one dish, the wahoo that was slightly overcooked. Aside from that, it's rich, buttery and pretty good. We were a party of five, and we decided to just walk in. The service was very bad, the servers weren't attentive at all, we were fighting to get someone in to replace our water, to get more napkins, we waited over 30 minutes for someone to come and bring the machine for us to pay. They didn't come until we started standing up to leave, even though a couple of servers came by prior to that to ask if we needed the machine. In addition to that, the servers seemed bored and one even laughed when we asked which fish was local, considering the restaurant advertises fresh fish, on the coast, I would expect that to be a standard question. What I would recommend is the grouper, that seemed to be the best option. The scallop risotto was too buttery, salty and cheesy, with nothing to cut the richness, I would have liked a slice of lemon with it, but would have probably had to wait till tomorrow for one. The black cod was decent, but it's not local. The octopus salad was surprising, in a tomato marinade, on a bed of lentils, not a dish you see often. The chowder was tender, salty, but pretty good with the lemon slice that was offered. If you want a nice quiet dinner, this isn't the place, there are many other excellent places around the island to eat, even within walking distance. Would not recommend.

  • Michael Dunn
    Michael Dunn
    4 months ago

    I ate all the top restaurants in Turks, Seven, Provence by Eric, Parallel 23, The Deck, etc. etc. Some have a much better atmosphere than Le Bouchon (there is nothing wrong with the atmosphere at Le Bouchon, don't get me wrong) but in terms of food Le Bouchon Du Village is definitely the best on the island. The food in turks at the nice restaurants looks beautiful and has great presentation but lacks flavor; Le Bouchon is the exception to this. This was the only place we ate at multiple times and I still wish I had eaten there more.

  • Alyssa Friedman
    Alyssa Friedman
    2 months ago

    Excellent restaurant and service. Service was fast and attentive compared to other places on the island and menu had a good selection of seafood and meat dishes. I got the lobster pasta, easily enough for 2 people and my partner got the steak which melted in your mouth. Highly recommend!

  • Hyun Park
    Hyun Park
    a week ago

    The food and service were excellent! It gets really busy here, so arrive early. Their foie gras and mussels were excellent for apps and my wife had their scallop dish while I had the mouthwatering rack of lamb for an entree. The wine list is impressive.

  • Kate Good
    Kate Good
    3 months ago

    As our first stop on the island we will say this was very nice spot and the locals seem to know it. The escargot had a extra scoop of snails and was delicious. The Cesar Salad is big enough for two. Only complaint is the over cooked yellow fin tuna.

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