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  • Christian Garris
    Christian Garris
    3 months ago

    Beautiful, breezy beach with shade. Lots of kite surfing here due to wind conditions. Beach access is easy to find by following the signs. Google Map directions to the public access point are incorrect.

  • Emily Baum
    Emily Baum
    a year ago

    I loved this beach! It is windy but the water color is just stunning. I could sit and watch the kite boarders for hours. So fun.

  • David Lamb
    David Lamb
    4 years ago

    This is a nice beach for sunrise and/or wind sports. Basically, if you're interested in Kite Surfing, go here. Expect to throw down several hundred dollars to do so, but if it's your cup of tea, go for it. The sunrise was beautiful here and the beach is super long and pretty. There are tons of conch shells and nice views of resorts and villas. If you're looking for where to park, type "Kitesurf Turks and Caicos Island" into your maps. It is on a curved road. You want the eastern-most point of this road. I would love to see this place (at least the public entrance) have better attention paid to litter.

  • vijai vardhan
    vijai vardhan
    3 years ago

    A beautiful beach with a beautiful view. The longbay beach has the beach walk is so relaxing. You can go there to unwind yourself, relax and do what you wanna to keep yourself calm and composed.

  • Mike Salter
    Mike Salter
    a year ago

    A lovely beach with great sand and warm, shallow water. Excellent for kite surfing.

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