Malcolm’s Road is a beautiful and secluded beach on Providenciales’ remote west coast. This beach is approximately 1.3 miles long (2 km). The exclusive Amanyara resort is located at the southern end of the coast, while the northern side eventually transitions into low limestone ironshore cliffs as it leads to Northwest Point.

Malcolm’s Road is notable for its proximity to the wall, which is a sheer drop-off on the edge of the underwater Caicos Islands plateau. Although the feature surrounds much of the Caicos Islands group and provides some of the best scuba diving in the region, nearly all other beaches on Providenciales are quite a distance from the wall and are also protected by the barrier reef.

The depth at Malcolm’s Road Beach is approximately 50 feet (15 meters) at the top of the wall and rapidly drops off the wall.



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  • Kristin Petrichenko
    Kristin Petrichenko
    3 months ago

    Gorgeous, quiet beach. GREAT snorkeling! We were able to traverse the road in our little Suzuki Swift, but if you're in a small car and not a confident driver on sketchy terrain, I recommend parking at the red gate where the tower is and walking the last stretch.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson
    3 months ago

    This was possibly my favourite spot on the entire island. TLDR: Must see spot The drive down is treacherous. I saw a number of small cars down in the car park right at the beach and personally I do not recommend driving any car down this road. It would be extremely easy to get stuck or do major damage to a rental car. You do not want your holiday ruined by having to deal with dealing with the financial fallout of a poor decision. Any rental car company will take every dollar from you if you damage a car on this trail. I suggest only attempting this road with a skilled driver and all-wheel drive/4X4 and a vehicle that has a high clearance off the ground. If you only have a car, I suggest parking at a safe spot (before the red barrier/gate) and walking down to the beach. Once you pass the red barrier/gate, the road gets really rough,really fast. Anyway at this point, let's assume you have made it down safely. There are no washrooms, running water, beach attendants, vendors, lifeguards down here. Usually, this place is empty. Be warned that along the entire path off the main road, all the way to the water, there are many security cameras, including some rotating cameras that monitor the beach and the sea. This is a really isolated beach with spectacular views. There is a gazebo if you need some shade while out enjoying the view. There are some really nice reefs, both real and artificial that make for memorable diving. There are posted maps and visuals that help you get an idea of what you will find. This spot was recommended to me by a fellow tourist, and I am glad i was able to make the trek down. I think everyone should make this journey.

  • David Torres
    David Torres
    a year ago

    The unpaved roads definitely made the drive a bit rough, especially since I had a compact car. I assume a 4x4 would be a better option, but doable without. You just have to drive very slowly, and turn your car in different directions to avoid potholes and huge rocks. Patience is key. The drive is worth it, the views are spectacular and perfect water for snorkeling. The artificial reefs are awesome to see some beautiful fish while snorkeling. Even saw a stingray! It was very secluded when I got there until a huge family of about 15 came to snorkel. They drove in a van and had no issues getting there. Also saw a couple that said they parked their car at the gate entrance and walked the rest of the way, took them about 20 minutes to get there walking. A must see if you’re on the island! Felt safe as well, plenty of cameras around the area!

  • Emily Baum
    Emily Baum
    a year ago

    Absolutely gorgeous water. Great snorkeling. Very, very rocky with no sandy beach at the entrance. If you go left or right for a while on foot, you'll run into some sandy areas. The drive wasn't too bad... a couple rough areas once you get past the Amanyara turn off. We saw a tiny car there so it can be done. Only a few other people while we were there. Worth the drive.

  • Steve Sethi
    Steve Sethi
    a year ago

    An amazing beach with fascinating snorkeling along the reef balls that are recreating a coral reef close to shore. But after recent rains, I would say the road is not passable for your average rental sedan. We left ours on the side of the road after the turnoff for the resort and walked about a mile to the beach stairs. Well worth it, but it's a hike in the hot afternoon.

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