Providenciales International Airport

(PLS), Airport Road

Providenciales International Airport, on the island of Providenciales in the Caicos Islands, is the main international airport serving the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. It is operated by Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority


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  • Eduardo Ferrari
    Eduardo Ferrari
    2 months ago

    Welcome to Providenciales! As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed by rude employees at this location. I took a picture of an ad and one employee was beyond rude and threatening. What a great way to welcome who brings money to pay their bills. With the exception of the immigration services, you are in for a treat. No A/C, internet doesn’t work. It only has the bare minimum. Be careful with the baggage handlers outside. They are not employees of any company and will demand tips. Do not tip or allow them to handle your bags. Food service is extremely limited. Bathrooms are surprisingly clean though.

  • Desiree Quesada
    Desiree Quesada
    a month ago

    Yes, it’s a small airport for the amount of tourist they got. Yes, the AC is not wow!! And yess they are not up to date in technology as we all wish but it is an island airport what do you expect?! We did not have any complaints because we knew it would not be like in the Us is an island airport. They are under staff but they still have to do a job. If you do as they say and are not rude to the employees they are nice actually very nice!!

  • David Huntley
    David Huntley
    4 weeks ago

    Imagine an unairconditioned airport the size of a school cafeteria with 8 gates and 4 flights leaving through one door at the same time. That's this airport. Great time at Beaches. Probably would not go back because of this airport experience. Chaos with lots of hot cranky people.

  • Anastasiya Baltsevych

    I love Turks and Caicos but this airport is not well equipped to handle the influx of people flying in/out. I’m fairly certain I caught COVID here as well, since everyone is packed like sardines without masks on. There is the option to sit outdoors, but the heat makes it difficult. The employees are friendly.

  • Tina Kurtz
    Tina Kurtz
    a month ago

    We arrived with a party of 5 with a wheelchair during American Airlines ‘glitch’ where they cancelled 3 of our 4 flights. The ENTIRE airport staff at PLS was amazing!! Both on arrival and departure we were met by an individual who took us from door to door. If you have any disability you can feel 100% safe traveling into Turks & Caicos airport!!

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  • Carolyn McNamara
    March 13, 2022 at 9:59 am

    I love this beautiful island. I just returned from my sixth visit.
    However, I do not plan to return until something is done to improve the airport experience. It has gotten progressively worse each time I visit.
    Unfortunately, after a wonderful trip the airport experience leaves one with a negative view of the island. I heard many visitors say they will never return.
    I urge those whose business is tourism to make their voices heard. Your clients pay high taxes to visit you and deserve better.

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