Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carving

Sapodilla Hill, Providenciales

From as early as the mid-1700s, passing sailors would leave carvings in the rocks atop Sapodilla Hill. They’d etch into stone names (their own, as well as their ships) and the dates they were there, among other details. Many of the stones have been removed to preserve them from theft, but in some cases, replicas have been added in their place. It’s still worthwhile hiking the 50-foot hill to enjoy the same view that those colonial-era sailors would’ve seen while waiting for their ships to come in. Sapodilla Hill is located along the southern end of Providencia, near Sapodilla Bay.


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  • Steve F
    Steve F
    5 months ago

    Was driving around aimlessly and found this sign and climbed up....extremely cool and historic...awesome views...great swimming in the quiet bay...some scaryish ling silver fish but very cool.

  • Allen Polka
    Allen Polka
    a year ago

    Cliffs are not as big as you might think. Hard to walk up on ridge without sandals. Not much snorkeling to be had. So far best spot is Smith's Reef.

  • Dana Addison Boyer

    My favorite eye candy

  • Michael Perez Liriano

    the beach is extremely beautiful, but the local sellers ruin the place, with music at a very high level, apart from the hygiene in the place of the sellers is very bad.

  • Jensen Kangalee
    Jensen Kangalee
    2 years ago

    Perfect... Quiet and far away from the touristy areas.. If you're adventurous, i strongly suggest embarking on this trip

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