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Seafari Turkoise – Dive Center

ensure high quality standard services, appreciated by all divers discovering or rediscovering the Turks and Caicos underwater wonders.






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  • Francisco Ruiz
    Francisco Ruiz
    4 months ago

    I cannot describe how amazing the entire Seafari Turkoise team was, especially Nicolas Simon. Becoming a certified diver was a dream of mine and something very special, Nico ensured that moment was just as special. My instructor Nico was patient, thorough, friendly but most importantly, he ensured I was having fun. Despite feeling like I could have done a better job, Nico did a great job lifting my spirits and reminding me that this was only the first step to my underwater adventures. I completed my 4 dives to obtain my Open Water certification, thanks to the team and to my instructor Nico, I know my future dives will be easy as I learned a lot!!! Thank you Seafari Turkoise and most importantly, thank you Nico!!!

  • Julie Schumaker
    Julie Schumaker
    a month ago

    The entire team at Seafari Turkoise made my first week ever of ocean dives extremely memorable! I was diving on my own and had a dive instructor as my dive buddy for three of my five days. I lucked out with either 1:1 dives or a group no larger than four the entire week. It was terrific! The extra attention/instruction I received from Marine and especially, Cesar, really helped me gain confidence and improve on every dive. They were excellent in pointing out hidden & small sea creatures I would have missed on my own. Antoine and Joe were also a pleasure to dive with as instructors plus Khinda and Eden were most helpful answering all my questions! They were even willing to share photos of some of the amazing marine life seen as I didn't have my underwater camera handy on every dive. As an added bonus one day, nature provided a site seeing tour of humpback whales and a large dolphin pod on our way to the dive sites!

  • Miranda Holland
    Miranda Holland
    4 months ago

    Wow! We had a phenomenal experience with everyone at the dive center, especially Nicolas as my husband’s guide both days. Everyone was exceptionally qualified, friendly and helpful with any and all needs. You can’t go wrong diving with these amazing people! They truly make everything next level so if you’re thinking about diving in Turks and Caicos, this is the place to go!

  • Emily Kwan
    Emily Kwan
    a year ago

    The Seafari Team were fantastic - professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Huge thanks to my instructor Jo. He was very calm, patient and reassuring which allowed me to relax and get the most out of my first dives ever! Unforgettable diving experience.

  • Kurt Jacomet
    Kurt Jacomet
    a year ago

    So fun getting certified and diving in Turks and Caicos! Johan was amazing and such a great instructor. Took as much time as needed to explain a skill and made sure we were as comfortable as possible. We learned a ton and can’t wait to visit again! The whole crew was super professional and well trained with great equipment, knowledge, diving boat and overall great experience (…great snacks also on boat!!) thanks for a wonderful time.

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