“Whether you call it West Harbour Bluff, Pirate’s Cove or Split Rock you are sure to be left amazed by this stunning geological feature on the south west of the island of Providenciales. Hike to the edge of the peninsula where you will find a view guaranteed to spark envy in your friends when you regale them with tales of beauty and present photographic proof. Pics of the huge Osprey’s nest at the tip of the split is a must, and if you’re lucky you will see mama bird with her chicks. For the grand finale, the daring often jump from the edge for an exhilarating moment of weightlessness before plunging into the crystal clear, warm turquoise waters below. Perfect!”

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  • Richard Scalesse
    Richard Scalesse
    3 months ago

    Really dope natural attraction. You can go by jet ski or boat. Recommend boat with captain since you get a pirate history tour when hiking the rock

  • Nicole Bradley
    Nicole Bradley
    2 months ago

    DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!! MY HUSBAND, MY 5 MONTH OLD BABY, AND MYSELF WERE ROBBED AT GUNPOINT MAY 2022 WHILE SITTING AT THE BEACH AT SPLIT ROCK. THEY TOOK EVERYTHING! EVEN OUR RENTAL CAR! LEFT US STRANDED TO WALK ON FOOT WITH A 5 MONTH OLD BABY UNTIL WE FOUND SOMEONE TO HELP US! THIS WAS EASILY THE SCARIEST DAY OF OUR LIVES. THE VIEWS AND SECLUSION ARE NOT WORTH IT! The police here are also very understaffed, there are only a couple officers working at a time. Even when we were able to track our mobile devices, there weren't any officers to go search that area because of how understaffed and small the police department is here.

  • Tom Fuller
    Tom Fuller
    6 months ago

    Awesome day out for no wind days! Take food and water. Go slow and any car car get there don’t panic. For windy days you MUST try kiteboarding on Longbay with The BigBlue Collective.

  • Lydia Nixon
    Lydia Nixon
    a month ago

    June 2022. Update! This happened to another couple with a 9 month old child and they were left with no car and had to walk 90 plus minutes to town (very dangerous). Same scenario. April 2022. We were robbed at gunpoint by two local masked men. We were there with our two toddlers in tow…and got robbed. Another group of three ladies (all white, just like us) got robbed right along side of us. It’s so secluded and the masked men had a glock and had done this many times… it was very fast and structured. They took our rental car, phones, cash, wallets, jewelry and expensive kids equipment. The cops do not care when you make the report. The only reason we believe we got a report was because the cops were related to the rental car company we had used. And they wanted to get them paid through our car insurance claim. On top of this, the rental car company charged my card on file $4000 for this junker. In other words they are trying to get paid by me and my rental car insurance. Double dip. There is so much corruption on this island and it is not surprising to the local paper to hear about this. The other women never received a report to this day. Do not go to this location without a tour guide. They have started breaking into the locals homes and robbing them at gunpoint with a machete and glock. They also wear a black mask with a white skull jaw on it, so that you don't fight. And I would not, they are willing to kill you for your money. Your life and the trauma is not worth it!!!!!! We are still going through PTSD therapy in the US. BVI news has shared this and many thugs liked, loved, and shared this on fb. If you are in Turks and Caicos right now, get to an all inclusive resort. They are there for a reason. Better yet, go home.

  • Serena Zheng
    Serena Zheng
    5 months ago

    Amazing spot!! Great views and beaches without the crowds. The gravel road is quite questionable for about 1 km with many seemingly sharp rocks, but our rental car didn’t seem to have any problems. A few cars came in as we were leaving, and they didn’t look like they had any tire damage either. There is an osprey nest on split rock, so we didn’t get too close. On the way to split rock, you will pass a cave you can climb down to using the wooden ladder. Views all around are amazing. Well worth a visit!!

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