“Whether you call it West Harbour Bluff, Pirate’s Cove or Split Rock you are sure to be left amazed by this stunning geological feature on the south west of the island of Providenciales. Hike to the edge of the peninsula where you will find a view guaranteed to spark envy in your friends when you regale them with tales of beauty and present photographic proof. Pics of the huge Osprey’s nest at the tip of the split is a must, and if you’re lucky you will see mama bird with her chicks. For the grand finale, the daring often jump from the edge for an exhilarating moment of weightlessness before plunging into the crystal clear, warm turquoise waters below. Perfect!”

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  • Serena Zheng
    Serena Zheng
    9 months ago

    Amazing spot!! Great views and beaches without the crowds. The gravel road is quite questionable for about 1 km with many seemingly sharp rocks, but our rental car didn’t seem to have any problems. A few cars came in as we were leaving, and they didn’t look like they had any tire damage either. There is an osprey nest on split rock, so we didn’t get too close. On the way to split rock, you will pass a cave you can climb down to using the wooden ladder. Views all around are amazing. Well worth a visit!!

  • Richard Scalesse
    Richard Scalesse
    7 months ago

    Really dope natural attraction. You can go by jet ski or boat. Recommend boat with captain since you get a pirate history tour when hiking the rock

  • tousif ahsan
    tousif ahsan
    a year ago

    This place is a great option for a small hiking. The view from the top is mesmerising. There is also a hidden beach here.

  • Raul Fuentes
    Raul Fuentes
    a year ago

    it was an amazing experience, really beautiful landscapes, i had lot of pictures. its important to bring with you enough water to keep you hidrated because it gets really warm there. is not allowed: fishing, damaging the structures, littering...so please make sure when you go there bring all your garbage back... lets keep this place as beautiful as always💙💙💙💙

  • Tammy Wanjongkhum
    Tammy Wanjongkhum
    3 years ago

    Was rough getting out there but so worth it. About 8 miles of off-roading in a Corolla and no popped tires! We where the only ones their, headed toward the cliffs and found a stone trail up and over offering great views. We kept going hoping it would lead to the ladder we saw on other reviews and it did. We left our stuff in the cave and did some snorkeling out to the split rock, water is pretty silty but covered in conchs. Was one of kids favorite spots off-roading and rock climbing is a win for them.

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