Indulge in a one-of-a-kind culinary experience at SUI-REN. Serving up the freshest sushi and Asian dishes, SUI-REN is the definition of fine dining. The restaurant’s name, derived from the Japanese word for water lily, is a nod to its use of only the finest seafood and organic produce. With a comfortable atmosphere and an array of delicious food and cocktails, you can be sure that your night at SUI-REN will be unforgettable



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  • Vivian Nguyen
    Vivian Nguyen
    5 months ago

    This establishment considering themselves as fine dining is an overstatement. Please believe the other reviews when they indicate that the food is mediocre at best. For the price that you pay, you would expect exceptional service and fresh food. We had a reservation and had to wait awhile before we were able to sit at a table. We ordered the samurai sushi, tuna ceviche, and lamb shank rendang. There are no complaints about the sushi, however the tuna ceviche did NOT taste fresh at all. The tuna tasted old and the crunchy toppings were stale. The lamb shank rendang was overwhelming sweet and therefore, it was hard to savor and enjoy the taste. Though the staff members were nice and friendly, the service was extremely slow. There was an instance where the waiter began to take our orders but ran to another table to see what he received for a tip. Truly bad vibes from him. We were here to celebrate two birthdays and although staff members went to other tables to sing happy birthday, we were not celebrated. Save your time and money and enjoy sushi / Asian cuisine elsewhere on the island.

  • Kevin Leaman
    Kevin Leaman
    7 months ago

    During our week long vacation I was really looking towards dinning at Sui Ren. Upon arriving to the restaurant the decor and atmosphere was stupendous and elegant. We began the night with a drink at the bar while we waited for the table. The bartenders hit the mark with each drink we ordered. When it came time to sit and have our meal I was unfortunately disappointed. We ordered sparking water, two vodka martinis with kettle one, edamame, two entrees and one desert for the evening. The only thing that was exceptional was the edamame. For $275 I expected way better quality food. We went to Fish Fry and got two entrees for $35 that had way better quality.

  • Rahul Kaushal
    Rahul Kaushal
    2 months ago

    The ambiance was amazing and the staff were so friendly/professional. The service was phenomenal. The food tasted so fresh and came out very quickly. This was a top choice in the resort to dine in at!

  • Sameer Rohatgi
    Sameer Rohatgi
    a week ago

    We dined here as we wanted to explore the sister resort to the Palms, and we were not disappointed. The setting is lovely, and the initial service was excellent. We ordered the volcano and Asian fusion rolls along with Hamachi nigiri. My son had the sashimi and my daughter had a grilled cheese and chocolate milkshake. The fish was fresh and flavorful. Yes, it’s expensive and yes, it’s not the best sushi we’ve ever had as we’ve spent considerable time in Japan. But, it was definitely one of the better restaurants in the Turks. Our only complaint was that the service became slow at the end of the meal as they never refilled our waters and we had to ask for the check.

  • Jenn Wnek
    Jenn Wnek
    3 months ago

    This a gorgeous restaurant that might just rely on its looks to get by a little too much. Food varied from almost really excellent to almost wanting to send it back. Drinks were pretty good albeit heavy on sour mixes. The Shore Club itself is pretty breathtaking, so definitely worth the $60 ride just to experience the location.

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