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  • Queen Of the South
    Queen Of the South
    6 months ago

    Quiet, shallow and warm beach. Absolutely beautiful with the pristine water and a few trees for shades. Perfect for pictures and family fun. We found some bushes for shade and it gave me Survivor vibes (lol!). The only issue is the rocks you find as you enter the water (this is what I missed from Grace Bay). You can see some paths that are pure sand and easy on the feet and will help you navigate as you walk the shallow water. Take advantage of those or take some water shoes!

  • Bee L
    Bee L
    5 months ago

    One of my favorite! It’s shallow and walk out very far. Perfect with little kids and no waves at all We entered the side with only sand but the other end has little bit of rocky area (we found starfish there !!) some holes inside of water and makes a little ditch for little kid (crabholes) but not a big deal. (June.2022)

  • Nick Brooks
    Nick Brooks
    7 months ago

    One of the most picturesque beaches I've ever seen. You can wade out 100s yards and still be waist deep in water as warm as a bath! Much quieter than many other beaches on the island too.

  • Sunny C
    Sunny C
    2 months ago

    Amazing beach! Highly recommend. Seen turtles and fish. Nice and shallow at some point out there. Nice temps

  • Matt Larson
    Matt Larson
    12 months ago

    Very nice quiet beach. Not the easiest to get to tho. And cannot really spend a full day there. But amazing to see. Can walk out in the tranquil waters for hundreds of feet

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