Auto parts store in Cooper Jack Bay Settlement, Turks and Caicos Islands that carry a wide variety of auto parts in stock, high performance Oils to Floor Mats,



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  • Security
    a year ago

    Highly disappointed in the service I received or should I say service I didn't receive. I went there to book an appointment to have my vehicle serviced on a Monday, the only available time slot was Wednesday the following week, which I accepted. So Wednesday I arrived a few minutes before my scheduled appointment, I stated to the clerk that I have an appointment for service today, only to be told that they aren't taking any more vehicles today. So I said to the clerk that I have an appointment that I made from way last week, this isn't just a random drop-off. They made a call to the manager/owner and said that they still could not honor my appointment and offered me an opportunity to reschedule to which I declined. Why? Because I didn't want to take a chance of the same scenario happening again and because I was also upset. I waited for over a week to have this service done and could have probably taken my vehicle somewhere else during that time. They could have easily had the common courtesy to call me and say that they were overbooked and ask me if I wanted to reschedule, I gave them the necessary information. They basically inconvenienced not just me but also the person I had to call to give me a ride back to work because they came with me for basically no reason. So now that person was mad at me because I made them leave work for no reason as well. Needless to say, I won’t be returning right now.

  • Auto Box
    Auto Box
    a month ago

    Hi, can you provide me with an email address to contact the shop please.

  • Kendra Parker
    Kendra Parker
    9 months ago

    Very attentive group, they offers assistance the minute you walk in the door. Superb service!

  • Andrew Seymour
    Andrew Seymour
    a year ago


  • Marcos
    a year ago

    Good service

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