The Wine Cellar has been a landmark in the Turks & Caicos Islands since it first opened under the banner of Discount Liquors in 1987. Island-owned and operated, today we offer the most extensive selection of wines in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Come in and browse our selection where you can chose from classics, varietals, specialty and hard to find vintages from around the world.


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  • Latoya Mitchell
    Latoya Mitchell
    3 months ago

    Get the best liquor and wines at the wine cellar

  • Christopher Casazza
    Christopher Casazza
    5 months ago

    I bought 5 bottles of wine from here - not regular grocery store wine, all bottles were $35-60. When I got back to the villa and opened them, 4 of the 5 were cooked (clearly exposed to too much heat). Tasted like bad port - undrinkable. A clear sign of bad storage. This place has bottles in the 100s and $1000+ range - I would never buy from them again.

  • Pj Hall
    Pj Hall
    a month ago

    Liquor and wine store with beer store that has a variety of things

  • Rutland Ramblings
    Rutland Ramblings
    4 months ago

    Not at all helpful when trying to make purchases. The security guard that was on duty today, Saturday April 2nd is often unpleasant.

  • Abbie Muckler
    Abbie Muckler
    5 months ago

    Very friendly service and good selection. Right on the way from the airport to most of the lodging areas.

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