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Triple J’s Grill

Triple J’s Grill, South Caicos
Triple J’s Grill the best: Jerk chicken, Jerk Ribs, Grill fish, Jerk Pork, Grilled conch, conch and chicken soup, and Grill lobster (when in season) with your sides of festivals, fry or Grill plantain and grill potato and cheese.



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  • Cynthia Davis
    Cynthia Davis
    6 months ago

    As a Jamaican, the food at Triple Js is delicious. You can’t leave South Caicos without trying it! You must go on Friday for the conch soup and Saturday for the jerk pork. Good food good service good atmosphere!

  • R.Byfield
    5 months ago

    Great menu, great service, great experience. The best grill...I recommend this everyday all-day.

  • Kristy Deep
    Kristy Deep
    7 months ago

    Go eat here! Tasty ribs, jerk pork, slaw, and festivals (which are like fluffy fried dough). Great people, great food.

  • Nick Sullivan
    Nick Sullivan
    2 months ago

    Great food, good prices, and the atmosphere of a backyard grilling party.

  • Patrick Manning
    Patrick Manning
    2 years ago

    What can I say that hasn't already been said? Triple J's is an absolute must. I spent a week in Turks and Caicos and spent time in Provo, North Caicos and South Caicos and the 45 mins I spent at Triple J's is hands down my favorite experience of the trip. Cerrano has been grilling up an amazing BBQ feast each week for over 15 years now (he's from Jamaica originally). You dine outside in his backyard surrounded by coloured lighting, reggae music and the tantalizing aromas of fresh smoked BBQ. He also makes his own sauces! The mild, mango and Pineapple are all to die for, as are the fried Plantains and sweet festival bread (Carribean corn bread basically). Absolutely amazing, authentic experience. *Note, cash only, beer only, all dishes $15 and under

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