Turk’s Head Brewery

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Turk’s Head Brewery

began formal operations in 2001 as the first and (to this day) only brewery operation on Turks and Caicos Island. This brewery, located in central Providenciales, currently produces four types of beer and lager: Turk’s Head Lager, Turk’s Head Amber, Island Hopping Ale (IPA), and Turk’s Head Lite (a light lager). Bottles, cans, and kegs for taps are all manufactured. Seasonal selections, such as a stout for St. Patrick’s Day, are also produced on occasion.

The beer is primarily made from barley grains imported from the United States and Germany. Five different types of hops are used, which add flavor, aroma, and bitterness to beer and are sourced from the Pacific Northwest, New Zealand, and other countries.

The brewery’s operations have recently expanded to include two full-time brewers. Additional varieties, as well as craft beers and beverages, are in the works.


Tours are available five days a week, Monday through Friday at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. Call ahead to confirm availability and time. Tours include a catwalk above the Brewery Hall and a stop at the Tasting Room, where visitors can sample the various types of beer produced. The cost of an adult ticket is $15. The guided tours last about 30 minutes, not including a stop in the tasting room and gift shop at the end.

The gift shop sells a variety of shirts, can and bottle cozys, trinkets, and other souvenirs.



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  • AR
    8 months ago

    Have been enjoying the beers since we landed at the turks so decided to check out the brewery itself. Finding the place was easy but the entrance was a bit questionable. Had to ring a bell a couple times to get the gate to open but once we were in, it was amazing! It has relatively limited seating space but felt cozy and comfy. We had a couple of beers and walked around the place. They let us in to check out the brewery itself as well, which augmented our experience. Absolute worth a visit when you are in the area!

  • Trevor Davenport
    Trevor Davenport
    7 months ago

    I-AIN-GA-LIE, Turks Head Brewery was some of the most fun I had on the island! If you want a chill time, go during the weekday but if you want island vibes and lots of laughs, hang out with the crew on the weekends. Yes, the entrance is tucked away and gated but it's just DOWN-DA-ROAD from Grace bay and the airport. Cheers!

  • Jingo Mante
    Jingo Mante
    a year ago

    What a fun, and small, place!! They serve lots of different beers - and some you can’t even find in stores. There’s also free popcorn which was a really nice, salty addition. They also serve cocktails, not just beer! You can buy things like hot sauce, shirts, necklaces, calendars, liquor, and other cool stuff. Their air conditioning is on point…so nice and refreshing from the hot humidity. I loved this brewery. They know how to have a good time and are really nice. **You have to go through the gates to get to the brewery**

  • J-Kube
    a year ago

    Awesome visit. Great selections. Highly recommend the flights. Many beers that can only get at the brewery. Lots of great gear. Excellent service. Great time. Thank you.

  • Frank Sibs
    Frank Sibs
    5 months ago

    Unfortunately we didn't get any good pictures of this place. We're from Chicago and we are hanging out and this wonderful gentleman sitting next to us gave us great advice today as he has lived here for 20-something years. Thank you very much. When we come back Dave we will see you soon! The beer was great!

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