Grace Bay Suites

is located on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, in the heart of Grace Bay’s Golden Mile. Our goal at Grace Bay Suites is to provide comfortable, convenient, and attractive hotel accommodations at reasonable prices in the best location on Providenciales. There are 18 studios and 6 one-bedroom suites in the hotel. For your comfort, all rooms are spacious, thoughtfully designed, and tastefully decorated.

Room amenities include a kitchen or kitchenette, as well as a pool.


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  • T Wyatt
    T Wyatt
    3 weeks ago

    The hotel appeared to be under renovation when arrived but the room was clean and the view of the pool was nice. There were literally dozens of mosquitoes in our room when we arrived but after killing them it was fine. The location is very close to many restaurants and none of the tour drivers had any issues finding it. It's not the most the luxurious stay but it did the job.

  • CulturedJ
    4 months ago

    I enjoyed my stay here. Location was perfect! Walking distance to everything, staff was nice and helpful! It’s not a 5 Stars, but it is well maintained. The Air Conditioners had me nice and cool….I had to turn them off after a while cause they worked great. I would definitely recommend this place.

  • Noelle Calfee
    Noelle Calfee
    5 months ago

    This hotel was great for us. We stayed in two rooms with six people total. Good size rooms, AC worked well; walking distance to beach and restaurants. It had a small pool but clean. Front desk was helpful. They provide a breakfast voucher for several local restaurants so that helped cut down costs. Towels for pool and beach are provided at the desk as well. Definitely updated rooms and comfy beds. We had an amazing trip and will definitely be back to stay!!

  • Zoe Joseph
    Zoe Joseph
    3 months ago

    I checked in my room on Friday. The policy is to have card present that you paid with. I paid with two forms of payment and the other party could not make it. So I could not show the card for them. They let me check in and 3 days into my stay they told me I had to leave the hotel. The price is good but the service is bad. I would never stay here because the lady at the front desk was very rude and gave off a very negative vibe. The whole story is that yall checked me in and three days later put me out. I should have never ever been checked in. Pay the pricey room you get pricey service. Their service is 1 star,

  • Michelle Mcrorie
    Michelle Mcrorie
    6 months ago

    I really wanted to write this review to tell others how kind the owner is. My friends were able to go and they had a fabulous time. They had wonderful things to say about the staff, rooms and amenities. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to go and had to cancel my reservation. Some how I did not cancel it correctly and my card was charged just like their rules said it would. Obviously, I was devastated. After talking with the staff, they gave me the owners email and I begged him to refund my money even though he had no obligation to do so. Chris, the owner, chose to refund my money instead of choosing to be greedy and keep my money. This speaks volumes about his character and about how he has chosen to run his hotel. The Grace Bay Suites have integrity, empathy and respect for their guest. From the fantastic time my friends had to the owner being so generous, you are bound to have the best time ever!!!! I can’t wait to go & my friends can’t wait to go back!! Class A hotel!

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