Located in Long Bay in Providenciales this naturally formed massive limestone 40 foot Hole is on the list of things to see. People can be lowered down a rope where 80 feet down there is a swimming hole. For adventurous souls only!


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  • Sarah Ouellette
    Sarah Ouellette
    a year ago

    Don't go out of your way, but it is neat to see. You can park on the street and it's 10 feet from the street. Be careful with small children as the ground around the hole is soft and you can easily fall in. Someone has tied a rope to a tree but it looked terrifying.

  • Joseph Leiman
    Joseph Leiman
    2 months ago

    We were checking out Long Bay beach which was disappointing but went through some bumpy off roads to visit “the hole”. And it’s just that! It made me smile to see legit a giant hole that went down to sea level. I held onto a branch and looked over and couldn’t believe how deep it was. The camera can’t do it justice but would def recommend if you’re around exploring the island!

  • Marco M.
    Marco M.
    6 months ago

    It's everything you think it's gonna be: scary and dangerous! be careful though, there are no safeguards in place, slipping and falling in it is real . The thrill is guaranteed

  • Hirva Raj
    Hirva Raj
    3 months ago

    It’s kinda far to get to but it’s a hole. I’m not sure if you need to go but if you are in the area you can check it out

  • Faye Sortor
    Faye Sortor
    2 years ago

    It's a big hole. Unless you want to rapel down a rope then pull yourself back up, don't bother

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